Traveling is the best way to nourish your soul. A right journey at the opportune moment can reinvigorate your life and change your outlook on various life issues that are troubling you. This change can be incredibly potent if you decide to go on a trip comprised of backdrops containing sublime art. If you want to relish in the unimaginable aesthetic beauty and have your life changed forever, here are the best travel destinations for art lovers worldwide. 

Paris, France. 

Paris is the first destination on everyone’s list when it comes to art, and it’s no wonder why – the gaudy baroque architecture and the sprawling urban landscape that unfolds along these facades is only one of many faces this city has to show. It is a metropolis fashioned by the muses of hedonism to satisfy your every sense. The beautiful cityscape, incredible procession of music, smells, decadent food, and tactile texture of every architectural crevice is bound to leave you reeling. 

Florence, Italy. 

It’s tragically unfair to single out any of Italy’s iconic cities, but if we were forced at gunpoint to make a choice, Florence would take the lead. Why? Simply speaking, the city itself is a guided meditation through one of civilization’s most artistic periods in terms of art – the Renaissance. The stone-paved streets twist and wind through history and along with the steps of incomparable polymath Leonardo Da Vinci.

Sydney, Australia. 

Suppose you want to mix up your journey through destinations rich in art history with something more modern. In that case, you will create an eclectic assortment of aesthetics that can alter your tastes radically. There is no better city to travel to for such an artistic adventure than Sydney, Australia. The artists of Harbour City walk the very cutting edge of the latest art trends; it would be fair to say they create the trends. If you are to truly enjoy everything Sydney has to offer as an artistic community, stay in a sublimely tasteful apartment in one of the most popular hotels in Randwick. It can indeed be a case of mixing life and art. 

Mexico City, Mexico. 

Latin America has some of the most effervescent cities globally that offer an impossible range of colors and oases of splendor. Of all of those, Mexico City is not necessarily the most beautiful one – after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but it is a sensible introduction to the art of this part of the world. For starters, it hosts the Zona Maco fair of contemporary art every February – an occasion that draws in thriving artists from every corner of the world. 

Naoshima Island, Japan. 

It would be unfair to discuss the best travel destinations for art lovers worldwide without going to the very edge of the world – the gorgeous and diverse country of Japan. The land itself is like a work of art – a staggeringly condensed landscape of diverse topography – but it is the famed Naoshima Island that will steal your pleasure-seeking heart. Hidden in the Seto Inland Sea and guarded jealously by the surrounding landmasses, Naoshima is truly a heaven for the artistically inclined. It’s an ethereal mise-en-scène of contemporary art pieces and inventive art installations. 


To get an authentic feel of a location’s history and culture, you’ll need to dig deeper and truly inspect every artfully produced nook and cranny of period pieces, preserved buildings, and rich museums. A prolonged visit to these stunning destinations is worth every penny if you look for a life-affirming journey filled with elaborate architecture and metaphysical works of art.