Whether techniques have remained the same for hundreds of years or evolved as they spread to artisans worldwide, art can reflect a place’s unique history, traditions, and culture. And in many cases, it’s pretty satisfying to watch. 

Interesting and Exciting Arts and Crafts Across the World;

  • In Turkey, ebru is a traditional art where colorful paint is sprinkled onto a pan of an oily mixture made of water and carrageenan. The paint is manipulated with a metal rod to create a design. After that, the design is transferred to paper. 

  • A traditional Japanese technique, Suminagashi, or floating ink, also uses ink and water to create marbling on plain paper. Amezaiku is an art where delicate sculptures of animals, birds, and fish are handcrafted out of sugar to create edible candy art. Nerikomi is a Japanese form of clay marbling.

  • Carpet weaving has been around for thousands of years in Armenia and throughout the Middle East. Armenian weavers use a traditional double-knot technique and dye the wool with organic ingredients from the country’s highlands. It can take up to a year and a half to complete just one rug. 

  •  In Vietnam, Sơn Mài is a traditional form of lacquer painting created using a toxic lacquer exclusively harvested from one region of the country.
  • In South Asia, Carrom is an indoor tabletop game with millions of fans, and the game’s layout is an art form. There are lot of modern artistic recreations around the world amazes and challenges classic traditional art forms. A leading Ridge Tree Trimming Service in Oakland says that Universal Studio in Oakland is not only an entertainment theme park, but it is conjoint of the game(fun) with recreative art. So, these kinds of theme parks are also a place that art-loving travelers would enjoy the best.  
  • In India, Rogan art is a centuries-old craft that has been in Abdul Gaffer Khatri’s family for eight generations. The paint is made of pigments and castor oil, which is heated for two days until it becomes a honey-like texture. Meanwhile, Indian Bidri art is a form of metalworking that hasn’t changed in 600 years.  

  • In China, Penjing, or tray scenery, dwarfing a regular tree to create a perfect miniature representation of nature. The trees are often bent and twisted into shapes, positioned around rocks, or even placed with other trees to create a tiny forest. 


There are plenty of exciting and stunning arts and crafts across the world. If you are a person who travels to explore such traditional and invaluable arts and crafts, the places mentioned above are a treat for you. You get to experience amazing travel and purchase traditional crafts from all around the world.